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Part 2 | The Chastity Cage

I recently started to collaborate with the talented artist Darling Kink, on the illustrations of some of my BDSM stories.

This one describes a trip to a paradise island with a sub of mine, in February 2020.

This is the second part and second illustration of this story. The story is divided into 3 parts and 3 illustrations.

Part 2: Read below

Part 3: Coming soon!

There is a French and an English version for each of them. Below on this page is the first part of this story in English.

If you want to read he story in French / Pour lire cette histoire en Français :

Partie 3 : à venir...

The continuous flow that pours from the pool to the ocean takes on a most erotic aspect, as we discuss Sean's past experiences with dominant women. One of them, he told me, sometimes included penetrative sex in her BDSM plays, and had given him a great experience: sitting astride him, she had told him not to move and had given him electric shocks using a neon wand, a kind of BDSM tool that I also use a lot. The tip of the wand can caress the body or torture it, according to the desired intensity.

I kept this story in me for several days, until it slowly faded to make way for another erotic fantasy. But this scene is special in that it arouses a much stronger sense of voyeurism than usual, fueled by the overabundance of fetishistic desires, orgasms and devotion that he has brought me.

The anecdote confirms my incipient desire: I would like to see him play with another partner, in order to appreciate the dedication of its being when he makes his partner come, and to appreciate the abandonment of her, at the same time venerated goddess and conquered woman by a fetishist's appetite for her whole body.

I transpose myself into this scene. I visualize the bedroom, the sofa where Sean is sitting, where she is sitting astride him. I see him sometimes with his arms alongside his body, trying in vain not to make a single gesture, sometimes with his arms raised near his head, his chest swollen with his short breath. I see his eyes half lidded, closed in the pain and enjoyment of abdicating and giving himself to his partner. I visualize myself next to them, and then I place myself in each corner of the room, like a puppet master would place his doll in a cardboard room and compare the effect produced by the different angles. I measure the advantages of each phantom place, on one of them I sit next to them, I watch them both, wondering if I would like to kiss him, her, or both of them. I see myself touching this woman's breasts, then Sean's chest. Then I place myself to another imaginary place, behind the woman, unwilling to intervene, wishing to observe the scene without getting involved. This option satisfies me. I feed on their pleasure, imagine the begging eyes of Sean while he takes a new electric discharge, dying to arch his pelvis, but trying to control himself, I see his tense body, his white skin strewn with light red spots due to shocks.

I open my eyes, it's hot, I can't sleep and I realize that Sean is not in the room. We have forgotten to turn on the air conditioning in our villa tonight and my erotic reveries did not help bring down the permanent 30 degrees that prevail on the atoll. As I am about to open the door, Sean enters the room as if he had read my perverse thoughts. I give up on the idea of sleeping, as having an orgasm seems much more productive to me. I grab Sean by the arm and lay him on the bed with an explicit gesture. I grab the two hemp ropes that I had brought and quickly attach him to the bars of the four-poster bed, before placing the chastity cage that he already experienced earlier today. I observe my work and grab the sextoy that he gave me a few months ago. Sitting next to him, I slip the tips of my feet into his mouth - he starts to lick my toes hastily, before swallowing them as if they might disappear any second. Stripped of my feet, I lie in the opposite direction of his body and slide the vibrator inside me. I barely have to move it, the slow rhythm contrasting with the ardor of Sean devouring one of my feet while I rest the other one on his face.

My orgasm reaches me quickly, and we fall asleep soon after.

Part 2/3

Thanks to Louie for the revised version!


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