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After years of BDSM practices, I realised that I would like to share my stories.

Since the beginning of my career as a professional mistress, several notebooks have been filled with notes and reports of sessions around the world.

I have been based in Paris for years, before moving to Hong Kong in 2017.


I have been traveling in France,  Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, London and of course Hong Kong, where I am currently based.

This international career is the reason why some articles have been written in French, some in English. I also translated some of them in both langages, and you will even find some writings in Chinese - I am still studying this langage that I love.

The langage I choose depends of my mood. As a native French speaker, I assume my writing is better in French, but I also enjoy writing in English.

If you speak French and English and would like to help me to translate my articles, let me know. It is less work for me, and more to share to all of you!

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Mistress Euryale, author

International Dominatrix from Paris, based in Hong Kong

I am sometimes asked how I went to BDSM. The answer is simple: I knew very early that I was "into it". I spent most of my adolescence reading French and European authors, who were passionate about this topic. Catherine Robbe-Grillet, Pauline Réage, Marquis de Sade, Pierre Bourgeade, Sacher-Masoch, to name a few of the classic ones. These are the works which aroused my intellectual curiosity. Later I discovered Guibert, Nin, Dustan, Haraway, Navarre, Despentes and Butler, all which are my personal favourites, but that's a story for another day...
I am an explorer, therefore I see all knowledge have little value unless they are put into practice when the time comes - the sooner the better.

In Paris and in Europe, I did not hesitate to experiment both BDSM practices and relationships. Whereas the so-called "vanilla" relationships (non BDSM) did not attract a single bit of my attention.

In my early twenties, I have played, practiced and traveled, before officially became a Professional Dominatrix in Paris. When you are passionate and gifted for something, why not do that as a professional? I thus soon acquired the skills of a pro domme and pursued my own initiation: from intimate relationships to impermanent relationships.

In a typical BDSM session, I create a healthy, safe and consensual space, in which I accompany my subjects or my patients in a space-time where all fantasies - of their submission - are allowed, as discussed beforehand. From an impermanent relationship arises a changing complicity ; the barometer of domination / submission relationships being exciting and infinite.

While I have practiced the pleasures of sadomasochism, dragging my submissives into the reefs of my sadism - physical pain oriented, I have also explored more deeply the psychological aspects of BDSM plays through roleplays. Sliding into the skin of a merciless boss (my favorite), a sadistic nurse or a tyrannical girlfriend, I like to play a realistic and cruel character, as much as I like to play with your weak points to bring out your little dirty secrets.

I see my domination as a practice at the border of art, in a spontaneous and creative perspective. After many years of experience, I master the thousand and one ways of playing with your deepest desires, and revealing your weaknesses. You will discover your limits, either in servitude, humiliation, endurance to pain or pleasure. I will take delight in the fright your face will express, or the joy of your voluntary submission: then you will find tenderness or sadism shining in my eyes, or a bittersweet mix of both.

Beyond this, my gynarchistic vision extend far beyond the simple word, gynarchy, which you brag about without understanding it – really. Domination as I practice is a game I’m delighting in and Mistress is a title I’m found of – but there are no mistresses, goddesses or ladies : there are only women, naturally superior to you.

I am sometimes asked for my research: what kind of submissive I particularly appreciate. I do not have an accurate answer, but I can say that I like intelligence and curiosity.

I consider that your intelligence and your natural curiosity will be expressed in our sessions and in our relationship and will impregnate your attitude and your vision of the bdsm, for my personal pleasure.

Devotion to me is self-evident.

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