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Roleplay : boss / employee

Roleplay : boss / employee.

Read carefully, it could happen to you…

It’s been three months now that you work for my company. You are not an exemplary employee and do not work as well as I want. After two warnings, I call you one morning in my office. You know how mean I can be, so your hands are moist and your mouth dry when you walk through the endless maze of work cubicles and finally reach my office. I open the door. Your throat became stuck, so much that the « hello, Madam » that you said to greet me is barely understandable. I make you repeat: « Excuse me? » My superior aura and authoritarian stature break down your pride of male homo sapiens. You repeat: « Hello, Madam » a little louder. « I thought you were choking, » I added, turning on my heel to sit behind my desk. “Sit down.”

You sit in the leather chair in which you seem frail and miserable. “How long have you been working for me?” “It’s been three months, Madam.” ”How many warnings have you received from me? ” ”I do not know anymore, Madam” ”You do not know anymore? Your already limited memory is lacking on this point? Also ? ” You swallow. You can not remember if I threatened you twice, three times or more. Your mistakes were many more, you managed to hide them, sometimes. ”I think you pointed out three mistakes on my part, Madam. ”

I get up and get closer to you, hands on my waist. Sitting, your eyes are at the height of my hips, you hardly dare to raise your eyes on me, hardly perceive the condescending glance that I enjoy addressing you every misstep. The fabric of my white shirt elegantly brushing against my skin, slightly inflating my chest with each of my breaths, reminding you how pitiful you are, you and your belly who struggles not to ridiculously stretch your striped shirt. I put my hands on your lap and put my face close to yours – you look at my red lipstick that has always mesmerized you. ”Three errors? I imagine we are far beyond that. Stand up, now. ” Your fingers slipped on the armrests of the chair while you attempt to stand in front of me. You discreetly try to wipe your sweat onto your jeans, but not knowing what to do with your arms dangling, you join your hands and look on the ground. ”Look at me. ”

When you finally dare to look up at me again, a violent slap burns your cheek. You are shaken. Part of you wish to rebel because this gesture is unsustainable, your male ego is suddenly consumed at the same rate as your cheek and you are ashamed. Another part of you knows that you deserved the punishment. Not only because you are a bad employee, but also because deep inside you, you know you will never have me, not even worthy to be by my ankle. You are aware that I am superior to you, but also the other women of the company, who always throw on you compassionate looks when you go to lunch with your sissy walk. Even when you try to show off your masculinity, no one seems to see it. These thoughts hit you hard as your hand tries to calm the burn of the slap.

‘’It was two. Two warnings. It’s now three. But the third is more than a warning. It’s a punishment. At the end of the punishment, according to my mood and your attitude, I will decide if I leave you a chance or to fire you. ” The thought of being fired made your blood thickened. You can not imagine your miserable life without the corporation that has taken care of you since your first internship. ”Please, do not fire me, I will make efforts! ” I take your face in my hand, and as I crush your flushed cheeks between my fingers. ”Its too late, you are officially worthless in my eyes. ”

To be continued…