• Mistress_Euryale


I have recently been asked some personal questions by one of my subs, and I noticed that the answers might be of interest to some of you.

Find below a questionnaire inspired by the famous French "questionnaire de Proust".

- Quality that I prefer for a man ?

A feminine side.

- Quality that I prefer for a woman ?

A masculine side.

- The country where I would like to live ?

Being a professional Dominatrix gives me the opportunity to live everywhere I want to live. Since I started being a Domme, I have settled where I wanted to be, now in Hong Kong.

I am not a sedentary person, traveling plays a big part in my happiness and a total nomadic life is very appealing to me.

- The color that I prefer ?

Proust answered that beauty lies in harmony, not in colors. I disagree. Red is my favorite color, I also love to wear red. Unfortunately in Hong Kong and China, a woman in a red dress is associated to a female ghost (女鬼) seeking revenge, making this outfit a bit tricky to wear regularly...

In French: Michel Pastoureau a par ailleurs ecrit sur cette couleur, parmi d'autres: ici a la radio, a propos du rouge.

- My favorite writer ?

It is a very hard question, since I have a lot of favorite writers, and books. I would say that I have had the greatest pleasure reading Histories of Heorodotus, a writer that we can see as the first journalist of all times. The French writer Hervé Guibert has also a place in my personal pantheon. And J.G. Ballard as well, I never get tired of reading his stories.

- The fictional character that I prefer ?

Aside from Euryale and the two other Gorgons, I have always been fascinated by Judith.

- My real life heroin ?

Hard to say, I admire a lot of women. I have to choose one, so let's say Mata Hari. She must have had an incredible and rich life.