• Mistress_Euryale

Looking for submissive models

Some of you know that I have been passionate about photography in another life.

Photo is back in my current Dominatrix-Photographer life, and I am actually starting a new project mixing two of my passions : BDSM and visual art.

This serie of photographs will take place in a studio in Hong Kong only, with male subs who don't have to show their faces.

For those of my subs that I have met at least one time for a session, if you are interested in being a model, contact me and we will figure out how I can use you... visually - at least.

For those who are interested in a session + photographs, introduce yourself following the questions on my website ("contact" page) : one BDSM session is necessary before we think about anything else.

So no, I am not interested in models, but real subs who would like to mix naughty time and artistic creation !

For those who are in Hong-Kong : you are first on the list, because the studio takes place here.

For those in Paris, Singapore or elsewhere : be patient !

For those who like BDSM and art : share this, please ! ;)