• Mistress_Euryale

Lesbian Cuckolding Session

Let's talk seriously. You have always wanted to see two women make love. Since I will be in Paris in May 2019, my beloved Maîtresse Blanche and I decided to help you, little sub, to understand how much fun we have without you.

For those who know me already, especially in Paris, you know that Maîtresse Blanche is my lover, my alter ego, my partner in crime, in one word : mon amante, as French language knows how to describe Love better than English. No offense, British subs. So Ms. Blanche and I decided to make you drool in a very new way...

You arrive at our place. You are anxious. Some talked about us before and said that we are sadistic, impressive, beautiful and cruel. When we open the door, you are stunned. Tall, elegant, superior, we invite you to come in, making fun of your shy behaviour.

In the living room, we play a bit with your pants, tap your crotch, trying to guess which kind of little worm lays between your legs.

Then we order you to take off your clothes. Naked, you seem even more shy than earlier. Hands on your head, you are only allowed to be the witness of our laughs and our kisses that we share on the sofa next to you.

From time to time, we catch a crop and touch your nipples, your little dicklette, your cheeks... You don't even know where to look at, you feel ashamed and excited at the same time.

Finally, we order you to crawl to the bedroom. A queen size bed is waiting for us. We decide to tie some ropes around your legs and arms and to leave you on the floor like a pathetic servant who fail at his simple tasks.

You lit up your eyes as if you are seeing a miracle.

In front of you, we begin taking off our clothes, piece by piece... I take off the bra of Maîtresse Blanche and a drop of sweat drips down from your forehead. She casts a seductive glance at you as her hands move down my thong...